Preskil Application Part 1

Berthelot Abeline
5 min readNov 3, 2022


Preskil Island Resort is a 4-star family hotel. This hotel is situated at Mahébourg in the South-East of Mauritius. This resort is well known and offers a convivial atmosphere and authentic islander experiences. Preskil Island Resort is the ideal place for tourists and Mauritians as it is a calm and vibrant place. They offer a perfect paradise dream; in real life.

Preskil Island Resort offers different activities such as; Spa, Tikoulou Kids Club, Progue Breakfast, Water activities, Kitesurf and Kitefoil, Sport activities, Catamaran trip and scuba diving.

The Project Overview

For this project, we have decided to create a website for the reservations of activities that the hotel offers.

The original problem we have observed is that the client does not have any possibilities for reservations. They can book rooms through different booking application and have the pieces of information about Preskil Island Resort on their own website. However there are no application dedicated for the journey of a client of the hotel.

The main aim of designing this project is to design a website page for the hotel that can be operate in an orderly, effective and reliable way. Customer can use their electronic devices such as laptops, and cellphones to book and confirm the reservations the potential customers made with the hotel. The proposed solution will have a customer profile account whereby they can save their dates and activities along with their personal information. The customer will have various options and rates services based on their requirements. Effeciant searching, filtering, and sorting will be offered to the customer. With the help of this application, the business will always be open no matter of the operation hours. The clients will not have to wait for someone to assist or get hold on to reserve their spot. The online booking will open doors instead of closing doors at the end of the day.

Design Research

The research started with the existing website of Preskil first and then the websites of competitors. Those research has been done to look for the best designs and interactions that users will like and for common elements that probably users are used to for easier navigation. When researching the different websites, an observation has been done and none of the Mauritian hotels provide an option for the booking of activities online. Interesting animations have been found, but most of the websites were not well designed. There was enough information that described the hotels and images however the way the information is displayed is not well spaced and the color palette is not attractive. With a new design website, Preskil Island Resort will stand out of the crowd. The clients will spend more time on the website which will make them more motivated to choose this hotel.

For a better design of the websites I have research on the visuals layouts of website of non-hotel websites.

Those research helped for inspiration and also it helped to know more about good designs.

Research on trends about UI design have also been done. One trend that has been apply into the website is a strong sense of place on the website and inclusive copy. As evidenced by their designs, more and more websites are moving toward inclusive language and content. This should be the standard, and ideally it will signal a long-term shift toward a more widespread understanding of how language affects people. Because of inclusive copy, the web is more welcoming and accessible to more people.

Webflow has created its own reference for inclusive language as part of the brand design system page, which we use to direct all of our written output. Language standards could benefit any company’s website.

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Before starting ideation, I have researched on images, colour palettes, and typography. This research helped to find the best images for the story of the hotel and for the feeling and mood that the website will release. The colour palettes have been chosen to represent holidays and Preskil Island Resort. The typeface research helped to know which one matches more with the hotel’s professionalism and logo.


When doing the ideations, I found that there must be an enhancement on the images so that the application provides the feeling of vacation. This will help the customer of the hotel feel cohesion with the spirit of the hotel itself. Through the ideations, I mostly tried and experience the different ways that the activities will be displayed. It was quite difficult to find the right composition for the website to be aesthetically pleasant and useful through the navigation. In the ideations, I decided either there will be sections for main activities and then a breakdown or the different activities will be completely displayed. For the montage of the different propositions, this process of research and ideation was beneficial. As the spirit of the application are holidays, when the mock ups were done, it was much more easier to explain and to visualise a professional and a good website.