Preskil Application Part 2

Berthelot Abeline
6 min readNov 3, 2022

Primary research

First Prototype link

Interview 1: A navigation bar has been added, which is a very important element of the website to be able to navigate through the different pages.

Also, it has been advised that there is only activities booking on this website and no room booking. Which make more sense. After meetings with the developer, we thought that when the user will sign up, they will add their room number for more security and confirmation with the information that the hotel has. This will create more concentration on the purpose of the website and the user will not be interrupted by other features.

Interview 2: The navigation bar that has been added was not very convenient to the users. It was hard to go back to a menu button to click again and again to see the different buttons of the navigation bar. So we have changed it to a sticky navigation bar.

When testing the application, a lot of users did not continue the scrolling on the home page, so we have decided to add an animated indication button which will lead them to the contact of the hotel and other information.

Interview 3: Also, the users asked for reviews about the different activities of the hotel. So we added this part where clients will be able to read and to add reviews. But after concerning with the developer he decided to put this as an API which will lead the users to TripAdvisor.

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We have been advise before signing up, to add a page where there is information that describe the purpose of the website.

Developer’s demand :

The design of the booking of activities with the date so on was asked to be changed according to the coding that the developer could implemented.

The different experiences was originally a caroussel, but it has been asked to be change because of coding problems.





Design Decisions

This design has been chosen because of the professionalism, the colors, the placements of the different elements. The concept here is to show to the users the hotel aspect and the activities. They would have been able to book rooms and activities of the hotel. There were clear explanations of what the website is about and the users would have a lot of facilities of booking through it. However, with more deep reflection and the primary research, I found that the design of the pages of the different experiences was not convenient and that the booking of room was not suiting for the target audience.

The pages of the different activities that Preskil offers; are the most important pages as it is the purpose of the website. The design that has been chosen contains different design principles that help the users to navigate easily through it. Through the different pages, we can observe consistency which helps the user to be more familiar and to be more attached to the website. There is a hierarchy in the different pages that helps the user to read and follow the different aspects of the application easier. The titles, headings, and body-copies weight differently to help through the process of hierarchy. Variety- a design principle that helps projects to be more interesting. In this project, the variety is in the different colors and images. For sure the contents are different each time however this is the purpose of the application. We can observe variation but also repetitions in the different booking activities. This will help the user to book easier. If the booking of each different activity had its own design, the user would be lost each time he or she would book an activity. Within all the different pages we can note unity. Even though there are different pages, they are all connected together with the style, the typeface, and the colors. Control — is an important design UX principle that has been added to the website. The user is key in all design decisions we need to make. The control in this website is the different choices that the user have. He can either go forward with the bookings or go back, it is an example of control that the user has. For accessibility, when the user will go on the application he or she will have, on the first page, an explanation of the goal of the website. This will help them to know what is on the application and why should they sign up. For the user’s interaction, the principle mapping have been taken into consideration. Mapping is a pattern habit that users have when going through different websites and applications. For example, the backwards button, the language use and so on. On the application, the users will also receive feedback — if their booking has been done, when they will have an answer from the hotel and when the internet has an issue.

The different pages of the website:


Sign In / Sign Up





Confirmation (of booking)

Profile page

Phone and Tablet design

For the design of the phone and tablet, there are some changes that has been done to adjust to the different sizes of screens. The sign up and sign in page has been simplified.Instead of putting the information about the activities and the booking on the same page; it has been breakdown into two parts: informations and then booking. This has add more breathing space in the design.

The final design of this application is quite simple. Simplicity is key to a good design and human-centered design is our goal for this project. The interviews has helped a lot through this process to make it more suitable for our target audience. Every design decisions have been taken to help them have the best user interaction and of course taking into consideration the theme and identity of Preskil Island Resort. This new design application will help a lot the hotel in terms of visibility. The success will be atain when half of the clients of the hotel will use the application for their booking through this application


The amount of client that will use the app only for research about events and information about the activities. The amount of client that will use the application for booking the different activities of the hotel within the stay, the average time spent on the website that the user will spend on, the average number of views per visit, and multiple views means that the website is intriguing and well-organized. This application meets the users need of booking for activities which is the first goal of this app. It also share the experience and the identity of PReskil Island Resort and this will certainly boost the business of this hotel. This application is safe and easy to use and it also connects directly to the target audience of the hotel.

Mock Ups

Video Demonstration

This video will demonstrate how the website actually works.

Embed of Figma Prototype

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Public Link to the website