Design Sprint Week 4

Berthelot Abeline
2 min readMar 29, 2021

The fourth and last week of design sprint- User testing.

This week consisted of welcoming the potential target audience to test the application to have feedback on what they think and feel about the application. I have contacted two users who are in the criteria of the target audience. As we are in lockdown, the interview was made online. I introduced the product and told them to tell me everything they thinked while using the application

Comments of interviewee 1:

The application is user-friendly.

The interviewee asks to add a feature to share the application. He did not understand that the “invitees” feature.

The different features were well displayed and he was at ease using the application.

He did not realize that there was a shortcut (hidden affordance) for the home button.

He added a feature of origin that needs to be added as some can forget to write it in the about section.

Also, add a feature to do video meetings to have the first connection.

Comments of the interviewee 2:

The application is user-friendly.

She said that the home page is attractive and the explicit.

She likes the fact that the user can connect through different platforms.

The pages of the calendar to create new notes are too simple and not enough colorful.

She suggested to add an origin feature and to specify the studies they are doing.

She likes the fact that the calendar can be connected with oter people.

Common comments:

The application is user friendly.

Add a feature to input the origins.

Sharing the calendar is a good idea.