Design Sprint Week 2

Berthelot Abeline
2 min readMar 27, 2021

The second week of design sprint — Storyboard

This week consisted also of several steps such as deciding on the features and solution, storyboard notes and wireframes of the application. This week’s work is actually put in practice what was discussed on the first week. But this time more feature and principles must be taken into consideration.

The user test flow is the steps to move from a page to another, this above photo actually demonstrates the journey of a user using this application.

The storyboard is the sketches of the ideas that will become the actual application. The user test flow helps here to know which feature needs to come before the other. The main ideas have been created.

Those are the wireframes of the application. It is a clear sketch of how the application should be from the bottom to the top. It is how I have imagined while taking into consideration several principles.

Different principles I have used: Highlighting, forgiveness, consistency, perceivable affordance, hidden affordance, and confirmation.