Design Concepts

Berthelot Abeline
3 min readApr 26, 2021

The begining of this work started with the spet of choosing a brief. 3 briefs were given to us. The first exercise was a design challenge to work on the 3 brief to be able to choose 1 to work in depth.

These are the 3 design challenge based on the 3 different briefs. After having work on the 3 different briefs I have chosen to work on the brief of RSPCA. I had more ideas when I was working on the 7 steps.

Context variation

The first concept we needed to work on; context variation. Context variation is about what will the application have as features. The context variation will show the flow of the app and all the different aspect. This app consist of several features:Home page, Veterinaries page, Booking page, Tips page, Message page, Profile Page. Those are all the features that the user sees when login into the app.

The UX principles used are control, hick’s law, consistency.

Control: The user can go back and forth to navigate on the app. The navigation bar stays at the bottom of the app all the time.

Hick’s Law: In the navigation bar there are different categories that help the user to go on the page he would like.

Consistency: All the different pages have consistency as they have the same colours and format.

Those principles will help the user to be more comfortable to use the app.

Aesthetic variation

The second concept was aesthetic variation. A nice application does not mean that it is effective and that it is easy to use or that it sove the problem correctly. However, the beauty of an application attracts a user to continue use it. Nowadays, for a app to be aesthetically pleasing, it just need to be simple. So, I have added some features as add on for the aesthetically part of the app.

There are some design principles to use so that a design become nicer. Such as; white space, alignment, balance, hierarchy. Those design principles help the user to navigate easily through the application beside of being nice visually.

Accessibility variation

The third concept was accessibility variation. Accessibility is very important in an application and in website. This help people who has different abilities to use the app just like everyone. This variation help to include all the population. Accessibility variation is also important to help user to navigate without any difficulties.

To help through the navigation, drop shadows have been nclude on features that can be click. This add on effect will help them to understand that there are interactive features.

There is an information icon added to help people if they have problem using the application.Each time clicking on this icon, pop ups of demonstration will appear so that they understand who to use the app.